NEW PRODUCER – Haskell Vineyards

Haskell Vineyards, Stellenbosch, South Africa 

With South African wines sales booming in the UK and our little Island accounting for some 23% of South African wine exports, we decided the time was right to go on the hunt for an exciting new winery to add to our range. After a few Zoom meetings with some prospective wineries we prepared the tasting room for the inevitable flood of samples that arrived from South Africa. With corks pulled and glasses polished we tackled the awaiting samples, and one winery stood out: Haskell Vineyards. We quickly organised yet another Zoom call and welcomed Haskell to our range!

Haskell are based in the Helderberg mountain range of Stellenbosch, just under an hours drive East of Cape Town. Originally a citrus farm, it was converted to vineyards by an American investor who recognised the potential of the land. In a short period of time, Haskell has been recognised as one of the leading South African wineries and awarded a 5 star rating by renowned wine journalist John Platter in his ultimate guide to the country’s wines.

Haskell Anvil Chardonnay is reminiscent of top draw white Burgundy, but without the price tag, while their Pillars Syrah with its notes of black pepper and spice has won “Best red and best wine at the Tri Nations Sydney wine show. For lovers of red, Bordeaux Haskell wheel out their IV Bordeaux red which pays homage to this incredible wine region, while their Cabernet / Shiraz blend over delivers for the price.

We are just glad they gave up on growing lemons and planted vines and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy them as much as us!

In the range:
Anvil Chardonnay
Pillars Syrah
IV Bordeaux blend
Cabernet / Shiraz