Game, Set & Match Combinations to Try this Summer!

Here are a few red wine tips to try: Love a glass of chilled red this summer? Try Young Pinot Noir and Gamay!

Young Pinot Noir and Gamay
Soft light fruit driven reds are delicious lightly chilled between 12°C – 15°C. The bright fruit flavours of Gamay – aka Beaujolais, or a youthful non-oaked Pinot Noir, with its crushed raspberry like fruit characteristics, are just heavenly, and even work well for less seasoned red wine drinkers, making them a great choice for your wine list this summer.

A good all round choice for many drinkers, with soft juicy plummy fruit flavours which are widely appealing. Chilean Merlot offers great value and its fruit driven easy drinking style ensures it’s place as a favourite on many wine lists.

The grape of red Rioja, Tempranillo makes some fabulous reds with dark cherry and plum fruit flavours all wrapped up in a fuller bodied wine style. If you like your Tempranillo full bodied, try Crianza and Riserva wines, or look to Ribera del Duero or Toro in Spain for some gutsy examples to partner lamb and beef.

Shiraz / Syrah
The French call it Syrah and the Australians say Shiraz, but there is no mistaking the dark brooding appeal of this popular variety. Cool climate Shiraz from the Northern Rhone or Australia’s Great Southern region offer notes of spice and freshly ground black pepper, while warmer parts of Australia and the Southern Mediterranean yield Shiraz that is softer and juicier in style. Shiraz is always a firm favourite with grilled or BBQ meats, what better summer partner!

Otherwise known as Zinfandel, this grape delivers a huge glug of brimming dark berry fruit flavours in a full-bodied style but with appealing softness to boot, what is not to like? Try Primitivo from Puglia on the heel of Italy and you will not look back. Just wonderful with charcoal grilled meats, pizza, pork spare ribs and Parmigiano Reggiano. Mmm getting hungry now!

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