Wine and Food Pairing

We firmly believe that the wine world can get too hung up on only drinking certain wines with certain foods, and everyone should drink wine that they enjoy, regardless of what they’re eating, however it can really enhance a meal if you have the perfect glass to complement your dish. Think about the roast lamb you had recently and how nicely it went with that bottle of Roija. Or even the fish and chips you topped off with a citrus flavoured fizz! The right wine will  really will enhance your dish, so give it a go! 

The key to pairing your dishes with any wine is balance: from flavours, to body and also considering the alcohol content of the wine. If you think of the wine as a sauce, you wouldn’t dream of pouring a heavy meat-based gravy over a fillet of Dover-sole. Obviously, the gravy would overpower the fish and you want to avoid the same happening with your wine pairing. Try matching full-bodied wines, to full-flavoured dishes: these can include a higher alcohol content too. Whereas, lighter, less alcoholic wines will suit more subtle flavours. Take a look at our pairing suggestions below.

Serving: Acidic foods like tomatoes or a vinegar based dressing

Wine Suggestion: Champagne, dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc

Why: Play it safe by making sure your food is paired with a wine that is more acidic than the flavours in your dishes means you won’t lose the zip of your wine, and the competing acidic elements won’t overpower each other

Serving: Salty foods such as Charcuterie, or anchovy based dishes

Wine Suggestion: Barolo, Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon

Why: Boldly tannic wines will be balanced by the harmonising saltiness of your food

Serving: Spicy foods

Wine Suggestion: Rich, off-dry Pinot Grigio, Riesling or off-dry Rosés

Why: Fruitiness and a high alcohol content increases the perception of burn from the spiced food, whereas something more sweet will tone down the spice

Serving: Sweet foods or desserts

Wine Suggestion: Dessert wines

Why: The rule is that the wine should always be sweeter than the pudding!

Serving: Buttery or creamy sauces

Wine Suggestion: White Burgundy, new world Chardonnay or a White Rioja

Why: Buttery or creamy dishes taste delicious matched like-for-like with a lusciously rich and buttery wine

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