Duty Increase March 2016

Posted: 18/03/2016

New Excise Duty Charges – Effective Monday 21st March 2016

As you will no doubt be aware, the Chancellor increased excise duty on wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines in Wednesday’s budget.  The new duty rates take effect from Monday 21st March and prices will increase by the following amounts from that date:

Still wines (5.5% – 15% ABV) 75 cl bottle – 4p per bottle

Sparkling wines (8.5% – 15% ABV) 75cl bottle – 5p per bottle

Fortified wines i.e. Port, Sherry etc (15% – 22% ABV) 75cl bottle – 5p per bottle

Excise duty on all other bottle sizes will be increased accordingly

To see how much duty we are now paying in the UK and the other costs included a bottle of wine, you may find this article in the Decanter magazine of interest Decanter Budget Article

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