New wines straight from Sicily!

meridia_inzolia - BVS (2)

????????????????????????????????????February saw the arrival of  two great new wines to the Grape Passions range.  Perfect for serving by the glass, these two interesting Sicilian wines offer your customers lots of character and flavour at an affordable price.

The white wine is made from the increasingly popular grape variety Inzolia, grown in Sicily since Roman times.  It makes very attractive aromatic whites with a hint of almond and citrus flavours.  The Inzolia grape is well suited to Sicily as it retains its characteristic fresh zesty acidity even in this warm climate. Inzolia Meridia 2015 The red wine is made from the Nero d’Avola grape, one of Sicily’s finest black grape varieties which makes rich, characterful reds with a touch of spice.  Wines made from this variety have been compared to Shiraz in style, due to the wines deep colour and dark berry fruit flavours, coupled with hints of spice. Nero d’Avola, Meridia 2015 If you are interested in finding out more about these wines or would like to sample them, please give us a call.          

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