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Amarone della Valpolicella 2015

Amarone della Valpolicella, Villa Scriani, Veneto,

A rich, intense red wine full of flavours of plum and cherry with hints of vanilla and spice.

Serving Suggestion

Great with rich game dishes, roasted red meats and mature hard cheeses.

Vintage 2015
Unit Size 75
Case Size 6
Alcoholic Percentage 16
Country Italy

Tasting Notes

Based in the heart of Valpolicella in Fumane, Scriani are positioned in the best area for growing high quality grapes. Scriani is a winery owned by the Cottini family. By using higher density vine plantings and guyot training the vines, higher quality fruit is produced, in contrast to the traditional pergola training system used extensively in the region which concentrates more on grape yield than quality. The Amarone is a speciality of Scriani, made from hand harvested grapes which are dried naturally, thereby concentrating sugars and flavour. Long fermentation and aging in oak produces a rich, intense red wine full of flavours of plum and cherry with hints of vanilla and spice. One of the best Amarone wines we have tried!

Wine Making Notes

Carefully selected grapes are partially dried over several months to concentrate flavour and sugar. Long fermentation and subsequent ageing in oak barrels for 18 months and then transferred to large oak casks for a further 10 months ageing before being bottled where it rests for another 6 months before release.

About the Producer

The Cottini family have associated the long tradition in the art of wine-making with the Scriani trademark, handing down from father to son. The firm is in Fumane and has vineyards covering approximately 8 hectares, mostly cultivated using the traditional Veronese trellis method. Some of the more recently planted vineyards, such as `Ronchiel`, use the Guyot system, an advantage where grape quality is concerned. Amarone is the leading Scriani product, aged eighteen months in barrique, eight months in large oak-wood casks and then refined a further six months in the bottle. Many tasks such as pruning the vines and harvesting the fruit are carried out by hand, according to the concepts of the best and most founded winemaking tradition.

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Sulphites Yes
Milk No
Egg No
Fish No
Nuts No
Cereals No
Suitable For Vegetarians Yes
Suitable For Vegans Yes
Peanuts No
Soy beans No
Celery No
Sesame No
Molluscs No